The Most Successful Education Foundation Grants

Grant writing is no small feat and can be incredibly time consuming and frustrating to even the most experienced grant writers. That said, there are a number of education foundations whose grants are incredibly successful, meaning that they are actually worth all of the extra effort it takes to write a grant to obtain them.

Looking at the education foundations that support K-12 education systems, there are so many things to take into consideration when trying to figure out what is actually a successful education foundation. Looking at the top 100, here is what makes the grade as the very best education foundations in the United States. This is a short list and they are not ranked in any particular order.

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  1. Pinellas Education Foundation (Florida): The Pinellas Education Foundation was started in 1986 with the hopes of helping the education system and improving the educational opportunities that were in the Pinellas County School system. Part of their endeavor was helping students be prepared for college or the real world once high school was over. The foundation has blossomed over the past 30 years and now has many different scholarships and programs to students of all different backgrounds. The foundation reported a net asset of 31 million dollars. Not too shabby for a foundation at all.
  2. Omaha Schools Foundation (Nebraska): My personal favorite thing about the Omaha Schools Foundation is that there is a paid preschool program, where parents have to pay a whole $50 to register, but otherwise, the preschool is free to any who want it. Considering most preschools cost the same and sometimes more as full-time daycare, I am incredibly envious that there are any states who provide such an important and helpful service. They also sponsor a Kids Club where elementary school kids can dabble in arts, music, outdoor games, drama, and more. There are also teacher grants available and college scholarships.
  3. Clark County Public Education Foundation (Nevada): Clark County Public Education Foundation is located in the fifth-largest school district in the entire United States. It has been around for 25 years and boasts a whopping 140 scholarship programs. But the primary focus of the foundation is improving how students experience school when they are in the K-12 age bracket. Part of this includes giving supplies and books to teachers as well as helping children understand their potential in the world and what they can do with their education. It also helps low income students get dental care.

  1. Philadelphia Education Fund (Pennsylvania): Founded in 1985, the Philadelphia Education Fund was created by merging the Philadelphia Renaissance in Science and Mathematics and the Philadelphia Alliance for Teaching Humanities in the Schools. Later, the Philadelphia Schools Collaborative also joined in. The Philadelphia Education Fund is a foundation to help support educators in their classrooms, encouraging them to mentor children while keeping them interested in staying school and on track to graduate high school. Because there is a high dropout rate in Philadelphia, the foundation has proved incredibly important and beneficial.
  2. The Fund for Public Schools (New York): New York has both its hands full in keeping up with a high population as well as harboring some of the best schools in the nation. A dichotomy that can sometimes be difficult to manage. The Fund for Public Schools was founded by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to provide initiative s to exemplary teachers, as well as scholarships and healthy kids programs. They combat childhood obesity while also supporting teachers in their hard work. They also fund the public school libraries, ensuring that they are still operating as a keystone in the education systems on the whole.

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