How To Draft A Fundraising Letter That Converts Readers To Donors

The internet, social media, and e-mail have come to take over fundraising letters. That is what you might have heard all the while. However, in truth, annual appeal letters and direct mail fundraising still works and they are still behind the millions of dollars that are generated annually by non-profit organizations and schools throughout the world. Today, let’s have a look at some important factors that go into the writing of an engaging and successful fundraising letter.


Write email letters for your potential donors and not your school teacher

Writing a fundraising letter is not like the usual class essay that you write. Successful fundraising letters are written in conversational tones that are easily understood by the vast majority of potential donors. It should be able to engage readers to take action. Avoid acronyms or high-brow languages. A fundraising letter should be simple and should be written in basic language for the sixth grade student to understand. After all, what matters is not the language, it is the network, connections, and actions that the letter would create and making it simple is the ultimate way of ensuring that.

If your letter becomes lengthy, let it be

Don’t make sacrificial decisions by thinking about how long your letter should be. Don’t make a hard rule that your letters are going to be 3 pages or 4 pages or even one page. Take all the necessary page you would need in writing the letter. At the end of the work, the most important thing is how the letter conveys your message. Do not try to squeeze your message into a small paper just because you think letters should be short. No matter the number of pages, just make sure that whatever you communicate across is simple and easy to understand by the reader.

If it will take up to 10 pages to craft a comprehensive message, do it. If, however, you could still convey the same message in a less number of pages like 3 or 4 pages, then go for the smaller page size letter. Some readers are fun of getting mad at long letters and if you can make a long message short with the same meaning, why not?

For the best part, always try to convey your message in a simple and easy manner that is understood by your readers. That requires the use of less number of pages to convey your message.


Make sure that your message appeals to the emotions of your reader

Remember that your fundraising letter is not going to be read by robots, but by humans. Make sure that you appeal to the reader’s emotions by taking into consideration their religion, their beliefs and worldview about humanity, their sense of justice and fairness to themselves and society, and their hope for a better future for the younger generation.

The ultimate thing to know is that people donate the more when they are touched or their emotions are aroused. If you want to appeal to your readers, then you need to put yourself in their shoes. This will help you craft an engaging fundraising letter that will convert readers to donors.

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