How to make good use of social media as a tool for fund raising: a guide for non-profits and schools

Fundraising nowadays depends on relationships and not just having a good cause to promote. There are many reasons that ginger us to donate: repayment, religious philosophies, community affiliation, and altruism or even social recognition. Whatever our reasons may be for donating, everything boils down to one basic precept: we donate because someone we know, respect or like asked us to. Equally, the size of the donation is normally related to how intimate the relationship is between the one giving and the one taking.


Every year, hundreds if not thousands of non-profit organizations shut their doors. Why? Most non-profit organizations have big dreams, big missions, big visions, and huge projects to undertake. Only a few of these organizations survive because they get to have access to funds both in the right quantity and at the right time. It is not like those that survive are the ones that have the best mission or vision statements. They are those with the right connections and networks. How do you survive this kind of competition as a non-profit or school who needs funds?

This is exactly where social media comes into the whole picture to help.

Social media platforms like micro-blogging (twitter), blogging (wordpress/blogger), and general social media platforms including Facebook, Google plus, and Instagram are good in crafting a good fundraising network that will help give you the right amount of funds at the right time. Social media has the ability of creating accessible communication pathways, cultivating and growing relationships, accessible to larger groups of people, and can easily be updated to making sure that content is always fresh.

There are two key things that tools or platforms like wordpress, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Instagram do. One; they give non-profits the opportunity to cultivate new connections and networks as well as build relationships more than these non-profits could do under normal circumstances and Two: they give these non-profits the opportunity and the gateway to steward pre-existing networks and relationships.

The following are some tips that can help you build your fundraising successfully through social media by cultivating, building, and keeping networks.


  • Try as much as possible to always link to big picture issues and look at the larger organizational picture. Promoting this on social media will give you an upper hand in raising funds.
  • Be factual and exhibit technical accuracy when conveying information through social media. This is what will help you build trust and create everlasting relationships.
  • Use visuals and language to create cool and emotional messages that will touch both existing and potential donors and networks to take action.
  • Try to craft very powerful and engaging stories.
  • Avoid using guilt when putting your messages across. Thus, try as much as possible to project optimism.
  • Make sure that you celebrate and praise people when they take small steps towards your cause.
  • Make sure that you create a larger sense of community feeling and connections through your social media by using inclusive language.

These are the following ways you can make good use of social media for fundraising for your school or non-profit.

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