Since I have covered so many different aspects of education and different foundations, I am going to break up my FAQ page by the various topics. I hope I answer all of the questions that you may have.

The American Education System

Why has the American Education System decreased in quality?

The quality of education itself has not really decreased. The dropout rate has actually decreased in the past thirty years. Why it looks like we are failing is that we have altered what we look at for success and there are other world powers now to compete against.

Why are teachers so underpaid in the United States?

Sadly, due to constant budget cuts and irresponsible spending by the American government, teachers are paid at the bare minimum, which is often not a living wage. As a result, the burden of teaching is often not worth the pay. Teaching on pennies requires a very special kind of person. This also weeds out really great teachers who simply cannot live a life of poverty.

Why are there so many differences in quality of education between the school systems?

The public schools’ quality is determined by the amount of taxes that are collected by the local governments and allocated to the schools. In areas that are more affluent, the money will naturally be better, making the schools better. The lower-income areas will not have as much in the way of taxes to help out the schools, so the schools often to not have all of the perks that other schools do.

Why are dropout rates so high in the United States?

Dropout rates have many factors, including the culture, school pressures, and a lack of personal and educational support to help students succeed.

Education Foundations

What is the purpose of an education foundation?

The purpose of an education foundation is to provide money to educational areas that are lacking in one way or another. Sometimes a foundation will collect money for scholarships, other times it is for specific educational materials or topics. It depends on the foundation as to where they decide to put the money.

Why doesn’t the government just provide more money to schools?

Unfortunately, the United States government has been blocking an increase in education funds for schools because schools are monitored on the state-level. Schools are given money from taxes, which greatly vary from place to place. The federal government usually only mandates curriculum, but does not seem to care too much for where the funding to provide these services actually comes from. Because of the lack of funding, teachers are often underpaid, books and services are expired, and important educational programs are often cut.

Are education foundations successful?

Education foundations are very successful. They raise money well and usually are able to give the money to the students who need the money the most.

Who starts education foundations?

Education foundations are usually started by wealthy benefactors or be passionate people. There is usually a reason behind them or a cause that they are trying to support.