School Fundraising Ideas

If you are looking into how to raise money for your local schools, the idea can be overwhelming and seem somewhat impossible at times. But do not despair. There are plenty of ways, both big and small, that you can raise money for your local schools. The ideas are endless really, so here are just a small handful to get your juices flowing.

There are a lot of ideas out there, so please do not feel limited by this list.


  • Art exhibition: Have the students for the schools that you are trying to raise money for complete some art. It can be art of any form really. You could charge an entrance fee for people to get into the exhibition or you could have people purchase the art, will all of the proceeds going back to the schools. Offering food and drinks at an increased price would help bring in some extra money as well.
  • Bake sale: I know this is overdone and may be considered boring. But it gets parents involved and is something the kids can get involved with as well. And honestly, who does not enjoy eating some homemade delicious baked goods?
  • Bingo night: Here you could sell tickets for bingo night and then use some of the money to buy the bingo prizes and pay for food and drinks. Turn it into a fun atmosphere and keep things on the cheap. You will wrack in a lot of money if you can get grandparents involved as well.
  • Color run: Color runs are all the craze right now. You will see friends all over Facebook boasting about their 2K or 5K color runs, where they run through an obstacle course while people chuck color bombs at them. These are usually set up by specialist fundraising companies who can run the thing for you. They will take a cut of your profit, but seriously these things are so hot right now that you should still be able to bring in the donations without much effort at all.
  • Cookbooks: You could create a cookbook specific to the school you are fundraising for and sell it to the parents and community. Recipes could follow a theme related to the school or perhaps could be submissions given by parents and teachers to come up with the collection.


  • Cookie dough: This is also through another organization, such as, but is also widely successful in bringing in money. It is frozen when it is delivered. If you are familiar with the Girl Scouts, this operates the exact same way. The students will go around collecting orders for the various flavors of cookie dough. Once the orders are in, they will go around and collect them and the money.
  • Knitting or other crafts: Having parents who are able to do crafts create them for a fundraising craft fair could also bring in a lot of money. This is an especially good idea around the holiday season when people will be looking to buy presents for various friends and family members.
  • Recycling: This works really well if you happen to live in one of the states that reimburses you for recycling, such as California or Oregon. You would encourage people to drop off their recyclables to the schools where you could then take them to the bottle returns and get the cash out for it. The fundraising opportunity will definitely require some effort, but it does have the potential for a nice profit if you let it run long enough. This kind of thing you would want to have going at least a month or so to let anyone who wanted to donate have time to get you the recyclables.

When I was a kid, my parents moved every couple of years, which meant that I changed schools every couple of years

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