The Non-Profit Ultimate Guide On Using Crowd Funding Platforms To Raise Funds

One of most impressive and innovative advances in online fundraising over the past few years has been the fast increase in crowd funding websites. Previously, crowd funding was meant for entrepreneurs and start-ups. However, a trend that has risen for some years now is the use of crowd funding sites to raise money for non-profits or schools. The practice has gained grounds and is flourishing, especially in the United States.


Nowadays, there are a lot of these crowd funding sites set up purposely to help raise funds for non-profits or schools. Though some of these websites are set up for business purposes, most of them are now being used to raise money to support non-profit causes. Today, let’s leave the entrepreneurs out of the picture and talk about how we can effectively utilize crowd funding platforms to raise money for our non-profits.

Before you make your final decision to use a crowd funding gateway to raise resources for your non-profit or school, you need to take into consideration certain things if you want to succeed.


The appearance and feel

Does the fundraising platform looks appealing? Will it entice your potential donors to take action? How can your project be easily and conveniently place your campaign looking at the platform’s customs and constraints? These are the questions you should first ask yourself before venturing into using a crowd funding platform to raise fund.

The ease of accessibility and use

How accessible it is? How easy will it be to set up a fundraising campaign, add, or page? Do you need to have a knowledge of some technical things like HTML before you can campaign on this site? All these should be made clear before choosing the site.

Payment processing and fees

What are the payment methods available for donors on the platform? This should be checked to make sure that donors don’t suffer in the process of giving funds. You should also consider the total cost involved in using this platform. Take a look at how beneficial it would be to use each and every platform so that you don’t spend all the money you get on the fees.

Marketing and social media networking capabilities

You should make sure that the site can use its social media capabilities to market your campaign.Can you set up your own page to market your campaign? These are the things to consider before making your choice on one or two platforms.


Tips on raising funds from your crowd funding site

  • Create a compelling campaign page: make sure that your campaign page is enticing, emotional, and unique. Try convincing potential donors why your organization needs the funds and why they should donate.
  • Start with your own already existing network. They say charity begins at home, so try to start your campaign by reaching out to the already existing donors, friends, and family you have. They can donate or help you market your campaign.
  • You should try your best to publicize your effort by putting it on the front page of your website and linking everything to all your social media pages. You can also get your local media to publicize it through pitches.

Crowd funding has become a big avenue for raising funds for your non-profit or school and you should consider making good use of it.

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