Tips On How To Effectively Organize A Non-Profit Fund Raising Event

Fundraising events are an important aspect of almost every non-profit’s financing program. Small-sized events have been a staple of non-profit organisations for years. However, organizing these events is not as easy as you think. They can become cumbersome and possibly risky. A well organized and successful event depends, to a large extent, on having the know-how and skills on how to work things out and equally having the appropriate resources to plan, manage and organize things together. Let’s look at how you can organize a successful fundraising event.


Your purpose

This should be your driving force in organizing a fundraising event be it a big or small one. You should be able to define your reason for organizing the event. Is it to only raise funds? Is it to raise funds and create awareness for a future project at the same time? These are the guiding principles that should form your objectives for undertaking any fundraising event.

These are also the justification for all people and organisations attending. Thus, why should the organisations or people you’ve invited attend the event? What is in it for them and for you? What is their stake? How unique is your event? Having a clear cut purpose will ensure that your objectives, both long-term and short-term are rightly communicated.

The cost of your event

In fact, there is no free event just as there is no free lunch anywhere. Make sure that attendees pay for a number of things, thus through donating. Things like sound systems, venue rental costs, dishes, tables and chairs, liability insurance as well as food. You are bound to have additional costs including photography, printed programs, postages, advertising, and sometimes, performers who would lead the program. However, some of these things might depend on the kind of event (midsize, small, or large event) that you will be holding. Not all events will surely costs the same. There are different costs for different purposes and you should do your homework to know where you stand.

Try getting sponsors

For events, harbouring the costs alone is so not easy at all. That is why it is sometimes a good idea to get sponsors who would pay for part of the cost. These sponsors would, however, require something in return, for example advertising their products or services during the campaign.

If you want to have a successful planned event, make sure to apply the tips above and you will have an event bringing in money.


Responsibilities and logistics

No matter how small your fundraising event is, nothing will ever happen if responsibilities are not spelt out clearly. How visitors will arrive, where they will park, where they will site, who will take up the fundraising campaign etc. should all be considered. To see the picture clearly, you need to put yourself in the shoes of a normal person who is attending the fundraising event and make sure that you clearly define who will take responsibility for all of that: organizing, helping people park, helping them sit etc. these are the things that make people calm and focus on your fundraising event.

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